Talking to Ana, in autumn

1379914_10151655095551404_1518572092_nAna Ularu played her first parts when she was 9, in two Romanian-French films. At 15, she began theatre rehearsals for Lolita and at 25, she played the lead role in Outbound, which got her best actress awards in Berlin, Locarno, Vienna, Thessaloniki, as well as the Romanian Gopo award. By now, at 28, she has appeared in twenty films, seven plays, five music videos and two TV series.

Why Ana? Her acting talent aside (Outbound is a must-see), we were intrigued by her fondness for anarchists, her rebel attitude and buoyant spirit that gives dimension to any surface she appears on. Ana seemed to be exactly the Kick-Ass Lass we’d been looking for our first issue. Did we get it wrong?

This is the beginning of an afternoon with Ana…
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