Hey Mărie! is an online living room where we get together to talk stuff out.

We share anecdotes — the silly, the weird, the small revelations — or the complicated, messy, nerve-wracking. We put being judgemental on hold for a while and just listen to each other. Really listen.

Think Friday night social at your best friend’s place. With wine coolers. Except it’s on 24/7.

For the more soberly-inclined, this community is about addressing the dilemmas of young adults across the globe — work, love, purpose — as seen from different lifestyles, preferences and identities.

We don’t have straight answers. Instead, we gather alternative perspectives from places as diverse as Romania, Venezuela, USA or Ukraine for you to feel inspired, challenged, accepted.

We explore diversity and cultivate open-mindedness because walking the proverbial mile in someone else’s shoes can be eye-opening, illuminating and, hopefully, nurture solidarity across difference and distance.

Even if it’s online. Even if it’s brief.

We are the space you help us build.

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